The Robot Programming Game

Sharpen your programming skills by playing a real coding game! In Code Miner you play an engineer who programs a mining robot for various, challenging tasks.


  • Programmable Robot with many Upgrade Parts
  • Real JavaScript Runner Engine
  • Programming Challenges: Missions and Story
  • Smart Code Completion
  • Practice Coding and Logical Thinking


Yes, JavaScript is an industry standard scripting language. Easy to learn and one of the most widely used software development languages on the planet! If you are new to it, you can further your career by learning JavaScript while playing. Practice on the go and have fun!

Start coding now

Are you a Beginner?

Playing Code Miner is a great way to practice programming and JavaScript. Not entirely about education, more about learning by doing. If you know the basics (e.g. variables, functions, loops), you'll be fine!

You are in good company

I haven't finished the game yet. I'm really enjoying this. This is something a beginner if ambitious could learn from and someone who knows what they're doing couldn enjoy a leisurely coding past time.. Nice work!
Great coding game. It helps to learn and practice Javascript and the game experience is also very good.
Not gonna lie but this game is better than all of games because you learn something new just like java script. I am a python programmer and I was also hoping to learn javascript. I am very grateful to the developer. Thank you
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Detailed Features

  • Programmable Robot - Be the programmer, and control your mining robot!
  • Upgrade Parts - Real science behind upgrade parts: Use seismic imaging, temperature sensors, and much more!
  • Embedded JavaScript Engine - Run your code fast and securely with the sandbox compiler!
  • Developer Friendly Code Editor - Scripting made easy with smart indenting, comment/uncomment line, syntax highlighting, brace matching, etc.
  • Smart Code Completion - Type less with the keyboard by using code completion.
  • Symbol Keyboard Extension - Additional symbol buttons to extend your keyboard with frequently used symbols in any algorithm.
  • Project-based Code Organization - Simple code organization for your huge algorithm in a virtual folder tree called a Project. Easy management of scripts.
  • No Harmful Permissions - The app only needs the basic permissions to serve you a code runner environment.